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Twas a time, so very long ago, when space and time were one, with witches brew and wretched skew, with intricate variances and appropriate command, did the soothsayer command his crew. Within that sphere of turmoil and havoc, there lived a Prince with charming lure and a princess so very pure. Her name was Princess Tiny and she dreamed of things that might one day come to pass, when on his splendid arm she might be at last. In dismay and disdain, she tried in vain, to win his favor through wind and rain.

Then one day, twas a rainy drenched day, the soothsayer came strolling and passed her way. Hi spoke of charms and witches brews, and of a place called Tiny Love Clothing, where these things she could avail. There she could command and soon receive, the very substances which could assist her in her drive and desire. There would be creams and coloring sticks, lotions and potions too, varnish to embellish her nails and vapours which would transform her into a breath of fresh air.

So astounded was she, by the dires of this sayer, as she listened in awe and a quasi disbelief, if ever so trusting, that she did not even notice that she had drifted off into a trance, a dreamlike distant journey into a world she had seen before, if only inside her dreams.

This was a world of fantasy and charm, where she was a Princess on a very worthy arm. She received gifts each day in the mail. There were Beauty Products so colorful, as well as Health Products that she would unveil. It was true that these things were found, as the soothsayer had advised, in the very place he had said called Tiny Love Clothing, a place she could write to and make her command, where delivery was assured, just as she had planned.

The soothsayer went on to say, that these very things would catapult her into the arms of the Prince, who would be overcome by her beauty, grace and charm. One whiff of her pleasing scent would be all it would take. And, the Prince would be blinded by the shimmering glow of her nails, not to mention the smooth complection of her cheeks.

And as she drifted to sleep, she thought of the soothsayer and his promises, and she knew that tomorrow would be a brighter day.