Twas a time in a distant and blurry past. A fairy Princess with her magic wand did her little purse fill with goodies which she had summoned from Tiny Love Clothing. They were colorful, bright and vivid, and in her glee she frolicked and giggled. She was pretty but her skin was pale, and as she gazed in the mirror she wished of all things she could avail.
Three pence of suspense, she could hardly wait. For the night before she had placed her wish with a purveyor of colorful and embellishing beauty products, for which she could hardly wait. When the doorbell rang, she frolicked and jumped. What a wondrous thing, if all would arrive in a fling. For sure as manure, as her piglets sang, it was heard with a bang as the postman rang.
It was he who would sing, whilst purveying with a fling. And the Princess would gaze, for she was amazed.
As she ran to her table, with the mirror showing bright, she would open each packet, and each would bring her delight. One pack with a rouge and one with an opal, one scent of romance and another of dance. One cream of a darkness, and one of a softness purveyed, whilst another would glow with glimmering sparkles in the snow.
She would try the opal Lip Gloss today, and save the rouge for another day. And as she touched her lips, a cool scent rose up whilst her lips shone bright in the light. As she brushed her magic wand over the cream in the vessel, the lid undid and produced three pence and a quid. And as she rubbed her finger, in the cool with a quiver, she would brush her cheeks with an awe all aglitter. Now the time has come, and she must succumb. For the fragrance awaits her magic touch with a whim. And as she places her touch, on her chest with no ouch, like a brew she once knew, she was miffed by the sniff.
Wouldst that a time such as this would survive. For the Princess in all her glee, had received her gifts. And now she would prance and dance till she tired for the night. And she would lay her head down, with her goodies beside her, to sleep and dream of a wishful time . . . of dance and romance.